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First Plate Of The New Gonca Line. Please click here to watch Gonca Line in action.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you with utmost exhilaration and happiness that the First Plate of the New Gonca Line under premises of ORMA A.Ş. Chip Board and Melamine Faced Chip Board Facility has been produced on 06/06/2012 as of 21:15 Hours.

You can watch the video of production of first board.

As always, Orma CO. is persistently following its principles of being the Leader in Technology, Aiming flawless Service and Full Customer Satisfaction, with continued Ever-Growing.

We are Excited and Proud.

Respectfully submitted to your information, Esteemed Customers.

We wish it to be all the best to the Economy of our Country as well as to our Sector.